Client Testimonials
  • Marlene A. Bevan, Owner, AudiCare Hearing Centers - Traverse City, Charlevoix, Gaylord, Cheboygan

  • "My Financial Team has been a great addition to our management staff. They helped us to migrate from an old Office Management Software System to a newer more advanced system. Without their help, the transition would have taken us a lot longer and have been more costly. My Financial Team customized the software tables and created clear instructions for reconciling each of our accounts. Now, accounting tasks like payroll liabilities are easily tracked and paid on schedule. We plan to continue to work with My Financial Team to periodically review our financial statements, and to confirm the accuracy of our accounting procedures. My Financial Team will be on board to help us understand where we have been and more importantly, where our financial decisions are taking us."

  • Rob Cotton, President/Managing Partner, Access Source Group, Inc. - Traverse City

  • "As a small entrepreneurial company focused on our ability to service our customers, My Financial Team has been a tremendous source of confidence to ASG. Our growth is predicated on our ability to efficiently manage our operations and finances with a limited staff. Doing this without compromising the importance of solid financial advice, direction and monthly accounting activities has been possible with the help of My Financial Team. We have been very happy with the level of integrity, understanding and seriousness with which Chuck takes care of our financial needs. It's great knowing that Chuck is there and truly cares about what is best for you and your business and does so in an honest and professional manner. Thanks for the confidence you provide!"

  • Doug Knorr, President, Knorr Marketing - Traverse City

  • "When our bookkeeper left, My Financial Team came in and handled all of our A/R, A/P, and P/R until we were able to hire a new accountant. My Financial Team trained our new accountant, and continues to provide support as needed. We had no one in house that could have handled this transition. But My Financial Team made the process practically transparent."

  • Shea Bonhag, AmegaWood LTD - Traverse City

  • "I just wanted to bring you up to date on the project we worked on together. The business plan is really coming together and is ready for submission. I am really indebted to you on this project. Without your thoughtful and thorough input, the plan would still be a nebulous idea. As a result of your experience and financial modelling, we have a strong, solid financial projection from which we can monitor our progress. And, this will really be important in "Selling" this plan to our venture capitalist partners. I look forward to working with you in the future on this business venture. The product we ended up with is so much better as a result of you[r] help. Thanks!"

  • Janice M. Slater RN, Owner/Nurse Administrator, Integrity Individual Care - Traverse City

  • "I wish I had heard about My Financial Team 2 years ago when I started my home health care business. It was my desire from the start to operate my business with complete integrity. Unfortunately, I do not have a Masters in Business as Chuck does, and even though I hired a bookkeeper who I thought had the knowledge to handle my financial matters, I slowly found out that her knowledge ran short of the complexities of my business. Learning about Chuck was a godsend. He was fast, knowledgable and willing to teach my present business manager and myself. We soon had a balance sheet which was in order and our accounts were set up in a more organized manner. The cost invested was well worth the peace of mind we received after the work Chuck did for us. I will continue to consult with Chuck in growing my business, as I have the utmost confidence in his honesty and integrity."

  • Michelle White, Office Manager, Preferred Home Brokers Services, Inc. - Traverse City

  • "My Financial Team is a valuable business resource involving professional service with the convenience of one-on-one consultations. Our invoicing, payroll & related concerns were addressed in ways that enabled us to re-structure internal processes. The unique needs of our business benefited and the overall result was a great start to the new year."

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